For a good game of poker, it takes both the effort of the players and dealers to make it possible to create the favorable environment for player and dealers to play in sync and harmony. Many situations that lead to tantrums being throw and anger flaring all over the gaming floor can be averted by the likes of  Eurogrand faces of aces video poker game and some simple considerations.

For players if you come into a game do not just wait for the dealer to ask what you want. State your wish and desires right away without any delays and as for the dealers if a player is new to a game do not tell them to take a number as if they want a piece of the action right away without delays.

Players can play for over 12 hours straight but we are rubbed the wrong way when there is a little delay. when this happens relax don’t get work up for nothing, actually try to calm other if you can and offer to help the dealer only if something is wrong and no one says what is right. If you are compelled to advice in these situations, do not direct your anger towards the dealer.

For the dealers, what can you do when everyone seems mad as hell towards you? Usually, players may be out to get you and the expression on the faces of the players is that they want their fists to smack your face. In such a case, first remain calm as you cannot put out fire by fire and try to console the players and if they heed your words and peace is restored you may take up again where you left the game.

Finally dealers never ever engage a disillusioned player or make any judgments even if you can bet your life on it instead be a team player and let the floor staff handle this and you will have dodged a bullet by letting the floor staff take the blame and in turn you will make more money as players love you.