May 25, 2024

In an arcade slot machine “super graphics upside down” contains five reel slot game set up. There is almost maximum 25 pay lines for the player to win .As the name suggest this slot game is totally colorful and loaded with lots of fun filled things. All age category group people always like to involve themselves in slot machine game if the slot machine game is so exciting like super graphics upside down and yeah it is Japanese based theme slot machine.


How the Super Grapics Upside Down slot machine looks?

As like all traditional slot machine this Japanese based theme slot machine also has classic arcade symbols such as lemon, plums and sevens here the wild symbol is heart and to get a winning combination in the slot game this heart symbols can be substituting with any other symbols but except the bonus symbol. The bonus symbol helps to have some free spins when the player land five, four or three. Once the bonus activates then the player get 15 free spins as I said before so there is chance for the player that they could win a jackpot of 5000.Learn more here about the quiet famous and well reputed online casino games.

How to play Super Graphics Upside Down?

This Japanese based slot game has around 20 win lines. To increase or decrease total number of lines there is button for that as like stack also players can increase or decrease number of lines by clicking specified button. Not like some other slot game the upside down concept is new to the players so there is more possible for generous win in this slot game. This slot game is compatible with pc, ipad, Android phone, iphone and tablet. Look at this link for more details about slot games.

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