July 20, 2024

Not long ago, the majority of the public avoided the legitimacy of a poker player who considered cards to be a “profession”. It was not a real job or a profession in which you had to physically strive in one way or another. The poker players only had to sit at the table all day, eat, drink and play cards. For me, it’s more like a vacation. But cunning, like the success and massive appeal of the game, as well as its strategies, led to stellar proportions.

Today we see those who once avoided poker players as legitimate professionals, who are recognized by themselves; State previously reserved for sports figures. However, the decorations associated with this level of fame really become the main platform for opportunists who hope to join these professionals and enjoy the sudden Bondesque lifestyle that the game now creates for itself. Of course, the stories of Rags to Riches, such as the story of Chris Moneymaker, who won the 2003 WSOP championship in the amount of $ 2.5 million for his modest $ 40 fee for participating in online poker, only helped.

 To increase the attractiveness of poker.

But first of all, the Internet has significantly increased the attractiveness of poker, helping the game reach the masses. Many online gambling sites, such as InterPoker.com, show that they can provide a safe environment in which fans can learn to play and participate in major prize competitions that would not otherwise have been possible without a trip to Las Vegas. Vegas Las Vegas

These gambling sites became the center of the online game and helped to radically change the image of the game from the life of a lazy person to a socially acceptable and practical pastime with a turnover of more than 12 billion dollars. In turn, games hosted on sites such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Roulette, etc., are carried out continuously due to the ease with which the player can now access these games. In turn, professional poker players have gained increasing recognition and popularity, as more and more people begin to understand the complexity of these games and wish to use these “secret” tips and strategies.


With this success, royalties, sponsorship, television offers for professional poker steps and some well-known game companies involved in mania are awarded. For example, InterPoker.com sponsors many professional players, since it recently sent key players to the 2006 WSOP, and 32Red has just signed a two-year sponsorship contract with the Aston Villa football club. But, of course, not only companies that fight in all aspects of marketing, poker players also get the benefits associated with sponsorship, now they are becoming key supporters of major brands, such as the recent Pepsi television campaign in which poker professionals play against the bank soda water As with all things that were once taboo in the media, Bandar ceme online professionals will soon become the future king / queen of the coolest and similar to Kate Moss, loved by most brands.

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